It’s always nice to put faces with names. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the people behind JumpBox:   (and yes, to confirm the rumor, JumpBoxes are indeed made of plywood- that’s the secret ingredient behind their stellar usability…) If we had trading cards for the team members they would probably read something like:


Austin - Platform Engineer: Linux kingpin and Starbuck’s aficionado, Austin comes to JumpBox from the Google Mars project at ASU where he admin’d the massive IT infrastructure used to communicate with the Mars rover. Austin is an Arizona native and brings a wealth of systems experience to the team. He’s currently the person that cranks out the new builds of the appliances you see posted regularly to the site. Austin represents the Xbox gaming platform in the company.

Kimbro  - CEO: The brains and vision behind the JumpBox technology, Kimbro is an audiophile, a technologist and an avid BMX trick rider from sunny AZ. Kimbro oversees technical as well as business strategy and also assists in development tasks as necessary. Kimbro has the best commute of anyone in the company consisting of a single flight of stairs. He represents the PS3 gaming platform for JumpBox.

Ben  - Platform Engineer: A Ruby on Rails prodigy hailing from Kauai, Hawaii, Ben creates most of the administration tools you see visible in JumpBox appliances. Ben is a skilled rock climber and took his first tumble this weekend falling 20′ from a face in Queen Creek, AZ. We’re happy to report that Ben is A-OK and confirms that the rope does indeed arrest rapid vertical descent. Ben reps the Nintendo wii game system for JumpBox.

Sean  - COO: Sean waters the plants in the office and makes sure checks clear. Sean is the third Phoenix native in the company and finds it amusing when he has to write about himself in third-person. Sean is a little behind the times and currently represents the antiquated PS2 game system for JumpBox.

So that’s the company behind the technology. The “team” is actually considerably larger as you’ll see if you browseour forums  and we’re extra-stoked to have a beekeeper on board. Below is a picture of the “Buzz Board” in our office. When people download a JumpBox, we present a survey and at the very end there’s an option to upload a photo so we can see the people who are using our stuff and theoretically talking about it. This gives us a more personal connection with our users and lets us put faces to our users. If you’ve already downloaded one and want your picture up on the board here’s a direct link to that  photo upload page. Our team looks forward to working with you to build more useful stuff.